Animal Magic

Over billions of years of evolution, nature has found countless surprising and elegant solutions to life's challenges.

If you've ever watched animal (or plant!) and thought 'Why can't we do it that way?', this is the place for you.

Perhaps a robotic woodpecker that checks trees for disease? Maybe a robot falcon protecting the eggs of sea turtles? Or a mechanical plant that reinforces a riverbank?

A flying lizard with its robotic equivalent

The Contest:

It's simple! All you need is an idea for a robot, inspired by nature, that can do something to help the world.

To enter, you'll need a drawing of your robot and a short description of what it does. We're looking for creativity and potential impact, not drawing ability, so you don't need to be an artist to win!

Submissions are invited from people of all ages - anyone with an interest in nature or robotics is welcome.

The deadline for submissions is June 30th 2022.

The winning submission will be designed and fabricated into a real prototype by the robotics team, which will be unveiled in July 2022.

Naturally, all the designs and code for the winning robot will be fully open-sourced!

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A sketch by Leonardo da Vinci

Meet the Roboticists

The winning entry will be selected and built by a group of senior engineers and scientists with years of experience bringing robots to life.
You can take a look at the team below. Click any member to see some of their work.

Or watch the video below to see some of the bioinspired robots built by the contest team.

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